The Siege of Copperpeak
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From Truesite or Ephesos' Sanctuary

by Ephesos

Description by Ephesos

You're doing your level best to enjoy a vacation between adventures, by traveling to the sunlit tropical paradise that is the continent of Vantanas. So it comes as no surprise when you're suddenly brought before the Imperial Governor of the continent, and are dispatched to the city of Stonesthrow to receive a quest. Ah well, maybe next time.

The quest itself is very vague, as all you know is that you're supposed to talk to the mayor of the city. You've heard rumors of possible rebel activity in the islands, so it's probably a safe bet you'll be dealing with it. Adventurers hate hearing rumors, it's like a freakishly-accurate fortune cookie.

At any rate, it's got to be something easy, right?

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Q: Vantanas? What's that?
A: Vantanas is one of the continents of Ermarian, the name assigned to the planet by the Blades community. It's a much more tropical place than, say, Valorim.

Q: Where is Elena's husband?
A: Somewhere you can't get to in the scenario. He's okay, don't worry. This is not a quest for you.

Q: What's with that brass key?
A: A wizard did it.

Q: How do I get past the Loyalist ships?
A: Well, if all else fails, light something on fire and hope it distracts them.

Q: How can I sneak past the Loyalists?
A: They all have the same armor. Perhaps you could exploit that.

Q: If I'm wearing the Loyalist armor to sneak up to Copperpeak, the guards won't let me in!
A: At some point, you just have to convince the guards to let you by. You'll have to make a run for it.

Q: Wait, now how do I get out of the city?
A: Ask the commander about it. He'll tell you to go talk to Tyler, the mage.

Q: AAAAAAH!!! All the plants are exploding!
A: You should be more careful.

Q: How do I turn on the laser without getting hit by it?
A: You can't. Sometimes people just put lasers in stupid places.

Q: Oh god Trevahn's fist hurts!
A: Then don't get hit by it.

Q: I killed Trevahn, what now?
A: Time to swim back to shore, head back to Stonesthrow, and collect your reward..