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by Enraged Slith

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Gladiator Pit:
Once the undead arive, your primary mission is simply to escape. Carve your way up the stairs and exit the area (you'll know when and how).

Troglodyte Fort:
The Shambling Hulk that arrives is also hostile to the troglodytes. Use this to your advantage. If you still aren't able to win this fight, try following these steps.
1. Keeping one party member back by the first door, advance the rest of your group to the far end of the hall while in combat.
2. Wait for the Shambling Hulk to make his appearance.
3. Open the nearest door to the barracks with your first party member, and then take care of the gate guard with the rest.
4. End combat inside the wheel room and shut the door (monsters cannot open doors in this game).
5. Turn wheel, open gate.
6. Wait until the Shambling Hulk kills everything.
7. Using either your mage or the Wand of Slow the gate guard dropped for you, keep the Shambling Hulk distracted while you open the final gate and retreat.
This walkthrough provides the quickest route through Backwater Calls. It does by no means offer the solution to every quest and reveal every little thing I may or may not have hidden in the scenario. I have only included the areas that the player must visit in order to beat the scenario...

1) Fort Laramie
- Talk to Commander Griffith in the Eastern Barracks. Agree to destroy the goblins. You will get a permit.
- Talk to the gate guard. Your permit will be taken from you.
- Once outside head directly to the east. You will reach the mountains.
- Now this next section requires a lot of headbanging in order to find the secret passages I placed in the mountains. Sorry. There's a hidden passage to the east and then keep on banging your head to the north until you find the goblin cave entrance.

2) Goblin Caves
- Straightforward dungeon, just find the stairway down.

3) (Below) Goblin Caves
- Hidden passage on the south wall. Kill the chieftain.
- Now that you have the goblin amulet, you should head north to Grimson.

4) Grimson
- Show the amulet to Bearworth in the town hall to the east. Follow him to the library. Once he has went to see the mayor, talk to Bastaricus (also in the library). Go see the mayor.
- Now get out of town and head north to the vampire's tower.

5) Tower of Mosadorl
- Now the quickest way here would be to kill Mosadorl, though you could do what he asks and get the same result.
- Once you defeated Mosadorl for the first time, follow him upstairs.

6) Upper Tower
- Head south and watch the cutscene. After it walk to the sarcofagus. You will get a special item. (Ancient Tome of something)
- Go back to Grimson

7) Grimson
- Show the book to Bearworth. You will now lose the book and the goblin amulet and will get a demon amulet in return.
- Head out of town.

At this point you should head to the "Southern Grove" outdoor section. North of the "big" lake there is a dungeon. Get in there.

8) Swampy Caverns
- After the first slug to the south look for a hidden passage on the west wall. Through the passages you will find Borgia Toadstool (on the ground). Take them.
- You now have everything you need from this dungeon. Head to North-Western Grove. in about halfway through the eastern border of the section there is a hidden hut (some trees block the way there). Get in there.

9) Lonely Hut
- Talk to the wizard. He will trade your Borgia Toadstool for access to the passage in the south side of the hut. Get in the passage.

10) Ominous Passage
- Head south and continue on that path until the cave floor rises up. Climb out of the hole.

11) Small Pond
- Nothing important in here. Just head out and get inside the fortress.

12) Old Fortress
- Directly north of the entrance of the fort, there are steps to underneath the fortress. Descend.

13) Infernal Pit
- If you get killed by the trap at the door, read #5-7.
- Head west. Once you reach the building follow the lighter tiles on the floor. You will reach the trick tile room. (or whatever)
- Step on the first tile. Then move diagonally towards the wall. Then move diagonally back towards the center and walk out of the room.
- Follow the tiles and banish the haakai. Then walk to the portal room and throw the amulet in the portal.

Now simply get back to Fort Laramie and get out of Faerengrove. Congratulations! You beat Backwater Calls!

The route in this walkthrough might be the quickest, but naturally it is not the best route exprerience-wise or not even the easiest. Explore! Talk to people! Have fun, because this scenario is not about the plot. Personally I consider the best part of the scenario the dialogue and the rest is sort of meh.

- Smoo